Team Ayden


On September 6, 2013 Ayden Jai’Shon Houston was born. Immediately after birth, Ayden was transferred to the NICU due to a lack of oxygen. All I was able to do, as his mother, was peek at his little toes through a glass box, where he lay lifeless with tubes and IV’s everywhere. The fear that I felt was indescribable. This was just the beginning of a lifetime of battles for this little boy.

Ayden has suffered a number of medical issues including PEG, Cystic Fibrosis, GERD, GI disorder, MRSA with viral meningitis, CDIFF, and a Blood Clot Disorder. Additionally, Ayden battles HED otherwise known as Hypohidronic Ectodermal Dysplasia. This condition causes Ayden to lack sweat glands, tear ducts, teeth, a voice, hair, and fingernails. It has also caused lung and breathing issues, and deterioration of the lining of his stomach.

All of these medical conditions have caused many challenges throughout Ayden’s lifetime. One of the things he struggles the most with is low self-esteem because he is looked at differently by his classmates. He has struggled to make friends, and often has people staring at him. As a single mother, I feel defeated daily. I wish my son had a fair chance at life. I blame myself for his sufferings and am trying my best to help increase his quality of life.

Ayden wants to go to the happiest place on Earth, Disney World, with his family. Thank you for running for him/supporting him and making this wish possible!