Team Carter


Carter is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Leukemia on July 27, 2018. He had a rough start to his treatment with various complications, spending more than six weeks in the hospital. Carter has been receiving outpatient treatment for his cancer at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for nearly to nine months now, and he has remained positive throughout his entire journey. Carter is simply an amazing, strong, inspiring little man, and he is without doubt my little superhero.

Carter's new normal consists mostly of playing with superhero figures, army guys, and Legos at home with me, his mom, as well as working on kindergarten readiness skills. We stay home for the most part to avoid germs and try to stay healthy. This has been especially hard for Carter because he absolutely LOVES to be outside. I think he would live outside if he could. His favorite things to do are to play on the swings, play in his fort with his army guys, jump in mud puddles and run around in the rain, dig for critters, ride his bike, and just run around the yard. Carter has truly enjoyed the change in weather that spring has brought, and simply can't wait for summer!

This leads me to why Carter is asking for a travel trailer for his Big Wish. Being stuck inside for many months was pretty tough on my little guy, and as much as I tried to keep him entertained without watching too much TV, we of course had it on at times. But, as we would start playing a game or begin a battle with superheroes, I often just paused the TV rather than turn it off. This led to the screensaver to come on. Carter was immediately fascinated with all the places the appeared on the screen! He would ask me, “Where is that?”, “Is that place real?” and “Can we go there?” He had so many questions and could not believe that all these wondrous places truly existed on our planet (many of which were in the United States)! This led to many interesting discussions, educational movies, and adventurous reading. He decided that he wanted to see the world! One day I showed him a travel trailer and explained what it was, and that was it! A travel trailer so he could see the world (or at least a small part of it to start) became his Big Wish!