Team Logan

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Logan is a happy and rambunctious two and half year old with a smile that never ends! Last summer, after several weeks of fevers and hip pain, he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. As a family, our world was shaken to the very core, but for Logan, his smile never faltered. He had his first surgery and chemotherapy treatment in July 2018, on his second birthday. Once the chemo got rid of the leukemia cells and his pain improved, he was back to being our rambunctious happy boy.

Logan went through five rounds of inpatient chemotherapy treatment, each round lasting anywhere from 23-40 days at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. He had many days where he was too sick to get out of bed. But, he also enjoyed many days playing games and running around his room. Logan can always find something to smile about and his favorite thing in the hospital was saying “hello” and getting high fives from every person that entered his hospital room!

Throughout his battle, he had to fight off several infections while he was immune compromised, however, he always had a smile waiting for us when he felt better.

On February 14, 2019, after six months of treatment, Logan was officially labeled “in remission.” 

Throughout his battle and his many hospitalizations, Logan never lost his happy attitude. Even now, on our many visits back to the hospital, he walks in to smile, wave or give high fives to the nurses and aides.

At two years old, life is a grand adventure and Logan can have fun wherever he goes. His favorite things are cuddling with mommy and daddy, reading books, and playing trucks! He also loves running after his big brother, James. Now that he is home and getting stronger every day, he loves to play outside and is just starting to ride a bike.