Team Makailey

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Makailey was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) named Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) at 20 weeks gestation. The left side of Makailey’s heart had stopped developing around 12 week’s gestation. The early diagnosis gave us time to plan and prepare for her arrival.

Makailey was born at the Cleveland Clinic SDU on January 19, 2015. From the moment she was born she captured the hearts of her caregivers and made it very well known she was going to be a fighter. Makailey had her first Open Heart Surgery at 8 days old and was moved to the step-down unit only 1-week post-surgery. Within hours, she had an emergency that sent her back to the PICU which required Dr. Stewart to perform emergency surgery, bedside; to be sure his work and her heart hadn’t been damaged. Makailey made a full recovery and we were able to take her home 6 weeks after she was born.  

Makailey was admitted into the hospital again after a routine checkup with her Cardiologist at 3 months old. She had caught a cold which made it difficult for her to eat. Her body was working so hard to fight off the virus; she had no energy to eat. She remained in the hospital for an additional 15 weeks. During that time frame she had a heart cath, her 2nd open heart surgery and a G-tube placement.

Makailey had her 3rd OHS (open heart surgery) in August of 2019; this is her last scheduled surgery. Makailey attends Physical and Occupation Therapy weekly and will have continued appointments with Cardiology and GI every six months. Makailey is a thriving, happy and VERY sassy 4-year-old. She loves ALL animals, Minnie Mouse, dancing, singing, keeping up with the other kids at school and helping Daddy fix things around the house. She is a Big Sister and loves her brother.

Thank you, Anytime Fitness and A Special Wish, for everything you do. Makailey has been through so much in her short 4 years. But she still faces each day with a smile and keeps pushing forward. She is our Super Hero.