Team Mya

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Our Supergirl, Myalee Jacklyn, was born four weeks early on November 9, 2012. She was a perfect and tiny blue eyed 5 pounds 10 ounces baby. On September 1st 2013, when Mya was only ten months old, we noticed a very large protruding bump on the left side of her neck. After a trip to the ER and a few tests, we were told she had a tumor and Mya was transported by ambulance downtown. After a crazy couple of weeks full of appointments, tests, and specialists, it was finally determined that it was time to do a biopsy and remove the lump.

Going into the surgery the doctor tried to be optimistic with alternative diagnoses, but it was one of those things we knew deep down. On September 12th 2013, our precious ten-month-old went under the knife.  The surgeon resected the tumor cleanly and completely. That evening is when the surgeon came in and delivered the news that the preliminary tests showed that it was, in fact, a malignant tumor, and therefore this became the day of her official cancer diagnosis. A week later, we found out she specifically had Neuroblastoma. A mere four days after her first birthday, Mya began her first of four rounds of four different types of chemo in November 2013 and received her very last in January 2014. She in all has had 7 total surgeries, hundreds of pokes, and many upon many tests and scans that require anesthesia each time.

After careful watching, consideration and calculating, the oncologist determined Mya to be in remission as of late 2015. This year marks 4 years in remission for Mya. Right now, Mya sees the survivorship specialist every six months with the goal of once a year in the future. 

Though the worst we’ve known is over, this journey of Myalee’s will never quite be over because the effects of chemo are unknown for many years to come and something to be monitored from here on out. We live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, smile and giggle. We have been blessed with this princess warrior.


Myalee greets each day with a big smile, she is our happy, loving, imaginative, spunky and bossy little girl. She has a beautiful twinkle in her eye when she smiles and so much love in her heart for everyone she meets. She lights up a room and loves to be center of attention and can even be a real spitfire at times. She can't get enough of spending time with family and friends. She likes being active and enjoys just about anything that keeps her going. Mya is an amazing little girl with the biggest amount of love in her heart and fire in her soul.